Commonly asked questions about hypnotherapy

What does hypnosis feel like

Most people experience hypnosis as a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience You remain in control at all times and aware of what is being said. In fact the hypnotic state is very natural and pleasant altered state of awareness, similar to the feeling you have just before going to sleep.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is simply therapy done while in a relaxed state of hypnosis. I practice both suggestion and clinical hypnotherapy and hypno-analysis.

How does it work?

This relaxed hypnotic state makes it easy for you to contact a deeper part of you, your Unconscious. Your unconscious mind, as well as storing information and memories and being in charge of many of the body's functions, is also a deep well of creativity and knowledge. By addressing your unconscious mind it is possible to make deep, long-lasting and often permanent changes and find tailored-made solutions to many problems and issues.

What are the different approaches you use?

Suggestion hypnosis which is suitable for stopping smoking, losing weight, exam nerves, simple confidence issues.

Clinical hypnotherapy which involves dialoguing with your deeper mind to help it come up with new understandings and solutions.

Hypno-analysis which allows the mind to uncover the root cause of a symptom or unwanted behaviour through a series of weekly sessions of free association while in hypnosis.

EFT - involves gentle tapping of acupoints to create a bridge between the conscious thinking mind and the more emotional, instinctual self

How do I decide which approach is best?

Ask me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

How many sessions are required

Suggestion therapy normally requires only between one to three sessions.. Stopping smoking can be done successfully in one session.

Can I be made to do anything against my will?

No, you remain in control at all times. In fact you are even more aware of everything going on

Can you help my partner/son/daughter/friend?

I can only work with somebody if it is something they want to do themselves and feel that it is the right time for them to make changes. The same applies to children and for those under 16 I require that there is a parent in the room.

Do you guarantee results?

No, hypnotherapy is a partnership so I can't guarantee results. However I do promise to work with you in a professional and committed way and in the strictest confidence.

What professional bodies do you belong to?

I am a Senior Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and an Advanced Practitioner and Trainer .

How much do you charge?

My current fees are:

Hypnotherapy: €60
EFT: €50
Stop smoking: €170

I practice in Foxford, Co Mayo and also offer distance Skype sessons worldwide

To book a session, please email me at
or call me on + 353 94 900 2998 or 0899799642 or my UK mobile 07939118136

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