Relaxed Childbirth in Foxford, Co Mayo

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Take the labour out of childbirth with hypnosis and hypnotherapy

As a professional hypnotherapist who has helped many women to have an easier birthing experience, I am now pleased to offer the comprehensive Relaxed Childbirth Programme. This programme, designed by birthing expert, Sue Wilson, is unique in that in helps prepare both the mother-to-be and her partner for what is one of the most magical and life-changing events.

relaxed childbirth in Foxford, Co Mayo

Benefits of the programme

Learn relaxation techniques to prepare for the birth and beyond

Know how to use self-hypnosis for discomfort control

Create a positive and flexible attitude to birthing

Reinforce bonding with both parents

As you relax, so your baby relaxes so you can help your baby get off to a good start even before birth

Why involve the father or birthing partner?

Hypnotherapy for dads in Foxford, Co  Mayo

Introducing the father to the techniques in the relaxed childbirth programme means that he is able to help calm pre-birth nerves and offer extra support before, during and after the birth. if needed. During pregnancy, great emphasis is understandably placed on the mother-to-be and her needs and the father can feel sidelined. This programme helps fathers feel more included in the 'Big Day' and any particular fears or worries of their own can be addressed during an additional single hypnotherapy session.
If the father is not going to be present at the birth, then another birthing partner - such as a friend or relative, can attend.

What if...?

The programme works equally well with a 'natural' or an assisted birth, whether you are prepared for surgical procedure or it becomes necessary during the birth itself. The programme is designed to allow you the flexibility you need to make the right choices for you and your child, to adapt and accept changes to your birth plan, as and when necessary.

What is included:

A programme of 4 sessions (with a fifth optional one for the father-to-be)

4 CD's to take away

The programme session by session:

The initial consultation

This is an opportunity to meet me and to discuss your needs and expectations of the birth, challenge any negative preconceptions, formulate a more positive and flexible approach and decide whether this programme is right for you and post importanttly whether I am the right therapist to support you through this important time.

If you are happy to go ahead, then you will book your programme and come back for your next session at around Week 34.

Session Two - Joint relaxation Session with both partners

To boost confidence and self-esteem
Reinforce bonding with your unborn child
Build positive expectations of childbirth
Relaxation CD for home practice for both mother and father

Session Three - For Mother-to-Be

Learn a range of techniques to manage discomfort, ways of anaesthetising and numbing areas of the body, creating a 'safe' place

Take away background music CD and notes to practice your techniques at home.

An additional session for the father is available if required at this stage.

Session Four - Pre-birth Session

Includes techniques to promote a relaxed birth and to provide flexibility to adapt to any changes to the birth plan. Help with ability to focus, discuss and make choices, working with your body's natural instincts, immediate bonding with your baby, promoting fast and gentle recovery, confidence in being with your baby, celebrating parenthood.

To take away: pre-birth CD for home practice and childbirth CD for optional use in the delivery suite (You may also choose to manage the birth yourself without the CD. Flexibility is essential)

You will also find your relaxation CD helpful in allowing you and your baby to relax after the birth.

Relaxed childbirth sessions in Foxford, Co Mayo

Fee: €225 (includes 4 CD's value €60)

To book your initial consultation email me at or call me on
+353 94 900 2998 or 0899799642 (confidential answerphone if in session)


And don't just take my word for it! Here's what Karly said on the birth of her beautiful baby Isaac:

Mum is helped by hypnosis for childbirth

"I loved being pregnant but the thought of how I would cope with the birth and what it would be like was always in the back of my mind. Having set my mind on having a natural drug free birth  I felt that if  I went into labour without any preparation or stategies to manage the pain I would end up screaming for an epidural! During my hypnotherapy sessions with Maggie we worked through my anxieties and explored different methods of managing pain. It sounds silly but Maggie also taught me how to relax and during my last 2 months of pregnancy I was decidedly chilled out and not at all worried or anxious about the birth. In the end I delivered a 10lb baby boy calmly and in control and more importantly, without pain relief. I truly believe that I wouldn't have managed this without the mental preparation through hypnosis in the run up to the birth and would recommend it to anyone."

And from Becky on the birth of her baby Olivia Grace:

'Apologies for not letting you know sooner but wanted to share our wonderful news that Olivia Grace was born naturally on Monday January 11th, weighing a very healthy 8 lb 15.5 oz. She is a smashing baby, very placid and laid back ( at the moment! ). The techniques we did in the sessions were fantastic.Olivia was back to back so It was a slightly more difficult delivery. Nonetheless I managed to stay at home for the first 9 hours of labour using just the relaxation techniques and a tens machine for pain relief. Once I got into hospital I only had gas and air as labour progressed very quickly. Thanks for everything that you did for me. I'll be back for baby number two but not just yet !

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