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“Not sure how you did it, but I'm so excited to tell you that I've now got nails and actually use a nail file for the first time ever. After a lifetime of being a nail-biter it seems incredible. As you know, a big part of my motivation was my upcoming marriage in December, and I'm so looking forward to seeing my ring on hands I feel proud. Thank you so much.”

Dan, Leeds Nailbiting

'During my hypnotherapy sessions with Maggie we worked through my anxieties and explored different methods of managing pain. It sounds silly but Maggie also taught me how to relax and during my last 2 months of pregnancy I was decidedly chilled out and not at all worried or anxious about the birth. In the end I delivered a 10lb baby boy calmly and in control and more importantly, without pain relief. I truly believe that I wouldn't have managed this without the mental preparation through hypnosis in the run up to the birth and would recommend it to anyone.' Karly, Relaxed Childbirth client

'Great new, I got the job. Can't believe how relaxed I felt during the interview, even the presentation, which I'd been dreading. Thank you so much. Wouldn't hesitate to use you again.' Interview Nerves

'Just phoning to let you know I passed my test. I couldn't have done it without your help' Sally, Driving Instructor Driving Test Nerves

'Well I did it thanks to you, I expected to panic then thought of the session and your words. Then sailed through with no problems at all. Once again I want to thank you for all you assistance.' Scuba diver. Steve Sport Performance

Mentally I was ready, I won the first round but in the 2nd round I gassed and the ref stopped ..... but 2 weeks later I fought in a Tournment and won it, I felt relaxed and good. Thanks for all your help! Mark, boxer. Sports perfomance

'Hi Maggie I don't know if you remember me but I came to see you in June because I was really struggling with my nerves whilst on teaching practice. Just a quick line to let you know that I passed the teaching practice and I got a first class honours degree in Primary Education. Thank you for your help with the nerves it really got me through it! I am still looking for a teaching job and have started the driving lessons as well. Surprisingly I'm not a complete bag of nerves and things are progressing well. Thanks again for all the supportive advise and relaxation techniques. Love Wendy, teacher Performance anxiety

'Just wanted to let you know my progress since the session we had a few weeks ago.  It feels like the volume on the contradictory voices in my head has been turned down 80% (but I can still feel them rumbling away in my tummy!). As the inner volume has been turned down, I can concentrate more on the outer world, which is such a relief for work and social life. Thanks very much for your support with this process. Liz D Anxiety

I don't know if you remember me but I came to see you in March this year just before my first cycle of IVF. I'm pleased to say it worked first time and I'm now 12 weeks pregnant. The session I had with you really helped, so thank you. You also mentioned that you do hypnotherapy for childbirth which I would be really interested in. I've just had a look at the info on your webpage but would love to come back and see you closer to the time. Bekki Fertility

To book a session, please call me on +353 94 900 642 or 0899799642 or email me at maggiepashley@gmail.com. You can also call my UK mobile 07939118136 from the UK.

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