Hypnosis Sessions for Healthy Weight Loss in Foxford, Co Mayo or distance sessions worldwide


Take the stress out of losing weight with the Relaxed Eating programme

healthy eating with hypnosis

Tired of calorie counting, restrictive diets, losing weight only to put it back on again? Then come along and discover a way of eating that can help you lose weight in an easy, natural way.

The Relaxed Eating Programme has been developed following extensive research into the easiest, healthiest ways of slimming down and regaining a natural relationship with food. My guarantee to you is that you either you lose half a stone (if that is within a healthy weight range) over the course of the five sessions or I will offer you a FREE monthly session until you reach that goal.

I'll show you how some simple nutrional hints, combined with hypnosis can empower you to develop new eating habits, which leave you leaner, fitter, more energetic and confident.

I am also an qualified Eating Psychology Coach and can really help you understand your eating patterns and devise an approach that works for you.

What is involved?

Rather than one quick fix session, I prefer to offer five sessions, spaced over ten weeks so you can really learn how to change your relationship with food forever. By the end of the program you'll be able to see tangible results as well as feeling confident, relaxed and motivated. You'll also get a downloadable audio to play at home to make your new way of eating as natural and easy as possible.

Fees: Only €50 per session


Does it really work?

Here's a recent testimonial from a delighted client who found the 'Relaxed Eating Programme' easy to follow and more importantly, easily adaptable to her life:

'I found myself naturally finding easy ways of controlling portion sizes which was my main problem with eating. I found it surprisingly easy and to my delight discovered that I'd lost 9lbs after only 4 weeks and it didn't feel like an effort at all.' Marian

Please call me on +353 94 900 2998 or 0899799642 email maggiepashley@gmail.com to book a session. You can also call my UK mobile 07939118136 from the UK.

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